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Thoughts from when I was an Esthetician Student:

When I was in school as an esthetician student, there was so much new information to absorb. It was overwhelming at times. I was an adult student, and it seemed like it took me twice as long to remember things than when I was younger!

I was really excited to be learning about esthetics and skin care. I wanted to get my hands on as much information as I could, and it really paid off that I read a lot. I made sure to stay current on trends, news, and other happenings in the industry. The best way to keep up is by reading trade magazines. I subscribed to three separate magazines, because I wasn’t sure which I would like the most.

One thing that helped me through school is learning information in more than one way. Whether you use flashcards, or rewrite your notes, don’t just memorize things….understand things! is an excellent site for making your own flashcards. I still have many cards there!

Another aspect of learning is getting hands on. When you’re learning the muscles and bones, get a partner, and put your hands on the area, while saying the name out loud. It will help you really remember that information.

Learn as much as you can. You’ll learn a lot when you accept that sometimes there is more than one way to do something. Read, ready and study! Stay current, trade magazines are so helpful in that arena.

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